Ariana Grande’s voice and music are sure to get stuck in your head. There is no guarantee that your wig will stay on. She recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s “That’s My Jam” to compete against her fellow Voice judges, and she put on quite a show.

During the game “Air Guitar,” Fallon challenged The Voice coaches, Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend to answer some music trivia. They had an air cannon full of confetti ready to blast anyone who got a wrong answer. Ariana Grande’s wig was no match for that gust of air.

Laughing broke out in the crowd as the hilarious moment took place. “It blew your wig off,” Clarkson said in between laughs. Fallon then replayed the moment in an instant replay before proceeding to the next round of the outrageous game.

This isn’t the only time Ariana’s wig flew off. Some time later when Fallon asked Clarkson and Legend a trivia question about her pet pig, they got it right. This meant that Shelton and Grande had to face the air gun where Ariana lost her wig again.


After a hectic season at The Voice, those coaches deserved some laughs and entertainment time which The Tonight Show host provided. Hopefully, we’ll see them get back together next year in another installment of The Voice to showcase talents from all over the States.

Anirban Biswas

Anirban Biswas has been writing for Thirsty For News since 2021 and has been covering various topics such as entertainment, music, and pop culture. In his free time, Anirban enjoys playing guitar, composing music and exploring new places.

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