The New Orleans Saints want a quarterback to take them out a crunch. They were apparently so desperate for a quarterback that they even sent out a request to one of their retired troops. While the answer they got was obviously a no, but it was an unexpected move.

The Saints approached many of their retired quarterbacks before finally finding their footing. At first they called Philip Rivers. Rivers is currently at the St. Michael Catholic High School, cultivating a healthy coaching career.

Drew Brees was their next target, to the shock of many. While they tried to recruit him, Brees had a very creative way of telling them off. As an answer to their request, the former QB sent a picture of himself while golfing. It was the perfect gesture that Brees is taking it easy and has no plans to leave his peace.

Jeff Duncan of reported that Drew Brees was the first quarterback that the team tried to contact and book. However, Brees was aware of the ridiculousness of the offer, and struck it right down.

The Saints have been having a tough time finding a quarterback, as Trevor Siemian and Taysom Hill had to keep themselves distanced from the game due to health and safety protocol issues. However, Ian Book has taken the role for 16-weeks, so they are prepared in the meantime.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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