William Ray Norwood Jr., known professionally as Ray J, is an American singer, songwriter, television personality, actor, and entrepreneur. On the entrepreneur side of things, it’s never easy to run a business. It’s even harder when people working in your company are outright racist.

The R&B singer uploaded a video on Dec. 20. He ranted about not tolerating racism. The message was somewhat cryptic, with Ray J never mentioning who was actually being racist toward him, nor did he specify what the incident was.

But what he did make clear in the video to his followers and to the person the message was intended for was that he was not going to be quiet about the racist matter he encountered.

“When there’s 300, 400 million dollars on the table and you inside a company that you put your heart and soul behind. Listen, racism, racism is not allowed here. It’s not allowed anywhere. You want to know why? Because it’s wrong.”

Again keeping the person who is the target of the message anonymous, Ray J told them that calling themselves a “dictator,” asking if he knew what a “dictatorship” means was “extremely racist.” He did say there were other issues going on within the unmentioned company that he said could be resolved but first “certain people got to go. Certain people can’t feel like they’re allowed to be racist and its OK.”

Ray J said as this year wraps up and goes into next year, he’s going to use his voice and speak up. Doubling down on his message about eradicating racism, he said, “We have to cut the racist fat, the negative fat that’s infecting us in this company.” He ended the video by saying, “Don’t think you can play with me. Don’t think you talk to me any old kind of way, it doesn’t work like that, bro.”

It’s not clear whether Ray J is speaking about the companies he currently owns like Raycon or Raytroniks or if he is referring to a completely new company. This kind of racist behavior is strictly out of line anywhere and people need to realize this.

Anirban Biswas

Anirban Biswas has been writing for Thirsty For News since 2021 and has been covering various topics such as entertainment, music, and pop culture. In his free time, Anirban enjoys playing guitar, composing music and exploring new places.

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