Khloe Kardashian is heartbroken after finding out she got cheated on. While Tristan is embroiled in a paternity lawsuit with Maralee Nichols, Khloe is involved in one with Blac Chyna. New developments have left Khloe feeling disturbed knowing that, Tristan Thompson “put her at risk” after he claimed alleged baby mama Maralee Nichols has herpes.

Khloe Kardashian found out about Tristan Thompson’s alleged cheating and love child with Maralee Nichols in the worst way possible. First through social media and friends and then through the leaked court documents. Tristan has confessed that he had a 4-month-long affair with the personal trainer. In his confession he also revealed shocking details of the whole affair.

Khloe was mortified over the fact that Tristan Thompson snuck his alleged new baby mama Maralee Nichols into his LA home behind her back. Now, it seems he has claimed Nichols had herpes too. According to the Sun, Tristan alleged that Maralee’s “medical reason” for having designated induced labor earlier this month was due to a sexually transmitted disease.

Nichols has denied Tristan’s accusations but the allegations have left his ex Khloe “shaken”. Tristan’s STD allegation mean that he potentially could have put Khloe’s health at risk. Which is surely a cause of concern.

An insider told the Sun that “More than anything, Khloe is most disturbed that Tristan says he didn’t know the other woman well, but knew her well enough to be with her unprotected.” Fortunately, Khloe and Tristan are both healthy. Thompson is famed for his infidelity, he has cheated on Khloe a few times before. However, Khloe always had a soft spot for him. The two got together again in 2020 but it seems like it wasn’t meant to be.

The source added “There’s no turning back. She’s been fooled for the last time and won’t let anyone put her happiness or health in danger.” Going by that statement, its safe to say that the couple will not be reuniting again. Meanwhile, Nichols is yet to come forward with a paternity test. We can’t really be sure if the child, born on December 1st, is Tristan’s.

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Shifa Jahan

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