Jake Paul, a YouTube phenomenon, is known for his crazy pranks. He has developed a social media empire in the process. Jake Paul may be well-known as a professional boxer, but he made his money in ways other than the ring. Jorge Masvidal was offered $5 million and a pay-per-view cut by Jake Paul, but that wasn’t good enough money.

According to TMZ, Jorge Masvidal received a $5 million offer from Jake Paul. He said, ‘You work for the UFC, you’re a b*tch.” Masvidal rejected that offer and called it, “chump change.”

Jake stated why he wants Masvidal to keep shutting him down. He said the rejection can be blamed on two things: he only fights the best, or he fights for the money.

“Masvidal, I got an offer for you right now — $5 million guarantee plus percentage of Pay-Per-View,” Jake added. “Let’s make it happen.”

Jake said that the ring he is going to take either UFC stars, calling it “light work.” “Diaz isn’t good,” he added. “Look at their records! Numbers don’t f***ing lie, bro. I’m undefeated. Diaz literally wins two fights and loses one. Two fights, loses one. F*** that.”

We will have to keep holding out hope that this fight will happen.

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