Darrell Caldwell aka Drakeo The Ruler, sadly passed away at the Once Upon a Time in LA festival on Saturday night. The artist was reportedly stabbed during an altercation backstage around the time he was set to perform. Now his mother is planning to take action.

Drakeo the Ruler’s mother plans to sue the parties responsible for security and safety at the Once Upon a Time in L.A. music festival. Banc of California Stadium and Live Nation are two parties that either hosted or produced the concert and will possibly be named. She believes pride played a role in the tragedy, but she was still awaiting her formal interview with investigators to get more information.

Because his death was considered a homicide, she could not hug or kiss him during his last moments. Instead, she had to view him through a window. For a mother that’s the saddest thing to go through.

Darrylene Corniel, his mother, wants people to know that she wants justice for her son. She wanted this to be out there. Moreover, she believes that justice will be served and she will not rest until that happens.

Corniel is a teacher with a bachelor’s degree in child development. Her son was a caring father who had just taken his son to the Long Beach Aquarium days before his death.

Authorities are investigating how someone was allowed to get a weapon into the concert grounds. Another theory is that the weapon was already inside and whomever the suspect was picked it up after entering. Drakeo the Ruler’s mother still blames security. We will closely follow what happens later with the case.

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