Lisa Rinna is famous for her work as Billie Reed on the NBC daytime soap opera. Lisa is now going famous for something else which is not related to her soap opera. Lisa has gone viral for kissing a guy younger than her.

A rumored photo of Lisa Rinna kissing a younger man has resurfaced on the internet. Rinna was wearing a white bathrobe and standing very close to a shirtless man who isn’t her husband. The photo was taken in 2008, but it has resurfaced as the internet tends to do.

The photo was originally shared on the website Crazy Days and Nights. It was initially classified as a paparazzi image when it was uploaded. As she comes face to face with the unnamed man, Rinna can be seen clutching a glass of wine and laughing.

Many fans wondered if the shot was taken while Rinna was filming a television show or a television movie when they first saw it, some for the first time. This appeared to be a widespread thought among many who took to a Reddit thread to discuss the photo. However, from the angle at which the photo was shot, no cameras can be seen.

One Redditor showed thread, “Was this perhaps a scene from a TV movie?” Someone else wrote, “They could be shooting the scene from inside the room,”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans had a lot of questions about the pic, including about what Rinna’s husband Harry Hamlin had to say about it, and another about why the pic was never brought up on “RHOBH.”

One commented, “I think that no one came for Rinna really. And also when this is brought up a looot of other sh** might come up for all the ladies. I guess they tread lightly because of what the don’t want out or talked about.”

While fans continue to speculate about what’s going on in Rinna’s resurfaced photo, her husband has been the target of cheating suspicions.

One person wrote, “Yes! This is what the whole fight in Amsterdam was about. Also, as a Canadian, everyone knows about Harry [Hamlin’s] extramarital activities when he comes to Muskoka. He’s here like minimum 3-4 months a year.”

Another wrote, “Unfortunately, I can confirm his extra marital activities in Muskoka. Anyone with a cottage up here has seen and heard lots,”

This wasn’t the first time Rinna and Hamlin’s marriage had been devastated by adultery suspicions of kissing a young guy. However, the majority of the rumors appear to fade away fast.

What’s your view on it? Sounds like it in the comments.

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