The Jonas Brothers stopped by The White House for a special visit as they teamed up with President Joe Biden to encourage citizens to get vaccinated. Their hilarious take on a recent viral TikTok video, where people are discussing president “Byron” and getting vaccinated, is now the talk of the town.

The move is part of a joint effort on behalf of the White House to get more people vaccinated. Now that the Covid 19 pandemic continues to rage on with its omicron variant, it is even important for everyone to get jabbed. And of course, it did not take this TikTok-Esque effort much time to go viral.

The funny video starts with Joe Jonas going “bing bong!” before Nick mouths, “Are you vaccinated?” Then, Kevin pops out of a box and says, “Yes sir!” The clip then returns to Nick who asks, “Who’s the president, man? Who’s the president?” to which Joe replies, “Byron!” before Kevin, repeats, “Byron!”

The brothers then end the video with Joe Jonas asking, “What do you want to tell Joe Biden right now?” Kevin and Nick then do their take on the viral reply: “What’s up baby! Take me out to dinner.” After they finish imitating the original video, Kevin breaks character and asks, “Did we get it?” and the camera then pans to the president, who was “taping” the video, as he says, “We got it.”


The President himself took to the comments of Nick’s Instagram share of the video to give a hilarious reply. He wrote, “It’s pronounced Biden guys, thanks for stopping by.”

We’ll have to see if this encourages people to get vaccinated, but it certainly made for a clever viral video.

What do you think about the White house’s efforts on getting people vaccinated? Sound off in the comments!!

Anushmitta Dutta

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