5 Seconds Of Summer is perhaps one of the biggest pop bands that are active today. The band has made hit singles such as “She Looks So Perfect,” and their success is not a secret to the world. Now they are getting taken to court for a ton of money by a former manager.

It is often the case that artists sue their labels and management of screwing them out for profit. Megan Thee Stallion is one example of this, and she has a long case on-going case against her label.

YMU Music, the management company, sued the band for first landing a huge deal with them. Then the group claims that they were forced out of it and fired by the band.

TMZ reported on the case against the band. According to the reports, the band had hired YMU music in February. YMU music helped the band secure merchandising and recording deals which led to millions of dollars in profits for the band.


YMU music adds that as soon as the deals started paying out, the band fired the production company. They accused the band of saving themselves a lot of expenses in paying the management team with their deserved commissions.

They even sent the in-voices to the band, demanding their 15% commissions, which was to no avail. The band tried to pressure them into settling for a smaller number, they claim. However, the lawsuit is the only way for them to get their deserved amount, they feel.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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