Charlie Puth is currently recovering after he tested positive for COVID-19. Puth, 30, cautioned his fans to be safe and careful this holiday season after he tested positive. Despite his current situation, he is staying optimistic about his recovery.

The famous singer announced his diagnosis on Twitter Wednesday evening, revealing the news to his 3.4 million followers. His mother Debra Puth retweeted her son’s post, adding, ‘I’m so glad you are vaccinated’ with 11 red heart emojis. 

“I tested positive for Covid this morning. I’m not feeling amazing but I think the worst is behind me. I write you this update, feeling like complete ass, in hopes that you will be safe and careful this holiday season. Love you and I’ll speak to you very soon.”

Back in 2019, Puth opened up about how touring for his previous album almost killed him twice. He was not used to the fact that music tour puts a huge toll on the health. On ITV’s Lorraine program, Puth revealed that he used to get sick a lot on tour.


Touring was really tough on him. He further added that he kept getting sick for a year. Now he has got it all figured out after experiencing the downside. We pray for his speedy recovery from COVID-19.

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