Nick Viall isn’t thrilled with Colton Underwood right now. Nick fired back at Underwood on his podcast after Colton’s claims of no one reached out to him. He called out Underwood claiming he’s a “liar.”

Colton Underwood, who debuted in reality television through “The Bachelorette,” recently signed a deal with Netflix to star in a documentary series based on his life. The premise of the show follows Colton’s journey as he came out as gay to his parents, his friends, his former football coach, and eventually to the general public.

During an episode of his podcast, “The Viall Files“, Nick conversed with Ben Higgins where he called Underwood a liar for claiming no one from the show reached out to him after he came out. Higgins revealed he not only reached out to Underwood but he also sent him a book about being a gay Christian.

While discussing Higgins’ comments, Viall shared that he also reached out to Underwood. He wrote to Underwood on Instagram, “congrats, bud. Hope you’re in a happier place.” Viall continued, claiming that Underwood is “just a liar.” Underwood has not yet responded to Higgins or Viall’s claims.

In an interview with Robin Roberts on a episode of “Coming Out Colton,” Underwood came out to the public. Netflix captured the moments after the interview. Colton talked to his family and friends who reached out to him when he came out as gay.

Underwood revealed that no one from Bachelor Nation other than Chriss Harrison reached out to him after coming out. Now, Nick Viall is calling out Underwood on his comment. And He isn’t pulling any punches.

We will have to wait and see where this story takes us.

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