Eminem has a wedding to prepare for! The 49-year-old rapper’s daughter Alaina Scott, 28, announced on Instagram Monday that she and her longtime boyfriend, Matt Moeller, are engaged.

A series of snapshots captured the rooftop proposal, which saw Moeller down on one knee. In a second picture, the couple can be seen kissing, while a third photo shows off Alaina’s engagement ring, which appears to be an emerald cut diamond in a gold band.

She and Moeller have been dating for seven years. In July, Alaina celebrated their anniversary with a sweet Instagram post, writing :

“While my love for you has somehow grown over these last 7 years, one thing has remained the same – you are my favorite person. You are my best friend, the best fur dad, and the best partner. Thank you for loving me as effortlessly as you do. Happy anniversary, ILY❤️.”

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Alaina’s biological mother, Dawn Scott, is the sister of Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott. Dawn died in 2016 from a suspected drug overdose. Eminem name-dropped Alaina in his 2004 hit “Mockingbird,” rapping, “Lainie, uncle’s crazy ain’t he? / Yeah, but he loves you girl and you better know it / We’re all we got in this world.”

He said of his biggest rules as a parent, “Teach them right from wrong as best I can, try not to lose my temper, try to set guidelines and rules and boundaries. Never lay a hand on them.” He says he is trying to juggle between his rap life and being a father and is happy to have raised the kids well.

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