Stevie J was escorted off a Delta flight Friday at LAX. There is video evidence, so we know it happened. The cops were present at the scene escorted both Stevie and another passenger travelling alongside him. He claims it wasn’t because of boozing as previously reported.

Stevie shared his version of how things went down with TMZ. He says the reason he and his son, Stevie II were removed is because they failed to follow a Delta staffer’s instructions properly. He thinks this led to the situation blowing out of proportion.

He reveals that he and his son were drinking beverages prior to boarding and were told they will have to finish the drinks before getting on the plane. Steve claims they did what they were told but something apparently pissed off the gate agent who made a big fuss afterwards.

Stevie insists that no drinks were brought onboard and they were treated poorly for no reason. He believes there was a racial component to the whole incident, and he’s going to follow up with attorneys.

It’s understood that Stevie was not banned from flying Delta and that no arrests were made. The pair booked the next flight to their destination-Atlanta, for Stevie’s daughter’s birthday with no further issues occurring.

Shubham Banerjee

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