Naomie Harris has spoken out about being sexually harassed by a “huge star” during an audition, revealing “no one said anything” despite film executives being in the room.

The James Bond Star star, who recently reprised her role as Miss Moneypenny in No Time To Die said she feels “very lucky” to have experienced only one such incident given the scale of reported abuse in the industry. Speaking to The Mail On The Sunday’s You Magazine Naomie recalled how an actor, who she did not name, slid his hand up her skirt while she was reading for a role.

She said: “What was so shocking about it was the casting director was there and the director and, of course, no one said anything because he was – he is – such a huge star. “That was my only #MeToo incident, so I felt very lucky, given how rife that behavior was.”

The 45-year-old star added: “I was on a project where there was a #MeToo incident and there was no hesitation, (the perpetrator) was immediately removed.” The #MeToo movement spread globally in 2018 as women within the entertainment industry came forward to share their stories of assault and harassment.


Naomie has previously spoken out about how the strength of women on and off screen had changed the film industry since the start of the #MeToo movement and said she was “proud” to come into the profession by setting her “own standards” and “sticking to them”.

The story is said to be one of the first instances of a woman being a victim of revenge porn within the mass media as an explicit Polaroid picture of Campbell in the midst of a sexual act is used against her.

Anirban Biswas

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