It looks like fans are not very delighted with “Real Housewives of New York” star, Carole Radziwill after a video of her doing a Cameo in CVS was leaked online. The Real Housewives star was spotted where giving a pep talk to someone at CVS.

A fan on Reddit shared a video from Carole’s Cameo account, where she gives a pep talk to someone who is recovering from a stroke. The audio is so low it’s unclear what Carole is saying in many parts of the video and the store’s music is playing over it as well. Fans were vocal about their disappointment as Carole was inside a CVS and the they don’t think the location is an appropriate one for the paid service. Many fans were also bothered by her fur coat attire.

“I would except a full refund after this,” a fan wrote in the Reddit thread. “Recording yourself on the floor of the CVS vitamin aisle, because that’s what cool girls do,” wrote one fan. “If I received this, I would expect a refund. You can barely hear Carole,” wrote another fan.

This did not stop here, some fans called her out for putting so little while charging so much for one Cameo. “If I don’t receive my Carole cameo filmed in a CVS and barely audible I’m going to riot,” wrote one reddit user. Many fans were also bothered by her fur coat attire. “I’d be sooo bummed out! Shame on her loser with the weird 50% off and fur coat,” someone wrote. “Seriously, what is this? Also that looks like real fur.”

According to Carole’s Cameo profile, you can get a basic personal use Cameo for $75 but if you want to use the Cameo for business purposes you’ll have to drop $625. Fans were already upset at her for charging so much, therefore when the CVS video got leaked, it garnered a lot of attention. Watch the Cameo video below.

Anushmitta Dutta

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