Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are prominently known for their appearance in “The Bachelor” franchise. The two have kept their fans in the loop as they expanded their family with Samuel, 5 and Isaiah, 3 and daughter Mia, 2.

Recently in an interview with Us Weekly, Catherine talked about the possibility of adding new member to their family. She revealed that her husband is nervous about the thought of having more kids.

“We know that once you get into the higher numbers, we don’t want to neglect anything. Sean doesn’t want to miss anything. He knows that when he was growing up, he had all these practices for stuff and his dad made it to every single one. … He’s a little scared that he is going to miss things, and he doesn’t want to miss things.”

Catherine previously shared with OK Magazine that the couple are open to the idea of adopting a fourth child. She said that it would be huge change in their lives and she wants to make sure she gets it right for their family. She confirmed that the adoption is not off the table during her sit-down interview.

“You never know what happens, right?” she told the outlet. “If we’re greeted with a child that we feel super compelled to adopt … we’re open to everything.”

In 2020, Catherine said she’s open to the possibility of having five kids. She said “the factories are not closed,” so anything is possible. It seems that the power couple had a change of heart. Sean said, “I’ve come to terms with the fact that we might have, like, three [They’re] a handful.”

Catherine agreed to Sean’s comment saying, “I don’t know anymore, We’re trying to be really intentional about teaching[our three kids] things and being present with during this time.”

She believes it would be selfish to add a fourth member to their family right now because they won’t able to provide the necessary amount of attention their kids need.

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