The Vanderpump Rules reunion taping was hosted by Andy Cohen. A rumor Spread on Instagram that Kennedy and Leviss actually broke off their engagement during the show. Andy Cohen recently discussed about the split up.

On December 8, 2021, Cohen shared his thoughts in an episode of “Watch What Happens Live”. According to People magazine, Leviss gave back her engagement ring to Kennedy on stage while cameras were rolling. Cohen however, revealed that the separation occurred a night before.

During “Watch What Happens Live,” guest Kristin Chenoweth was asked by a fan how she felt about the recent breakup between Leviss and Kennedy. To everyone’s shock, the star hadn’t previously heard the news. Cohen filled in the details for her.

“It happened last Thursday night. They announced it at the reunion last Friday.”


Contradicting the previous rumor, Cohen shed light on the fact that the ex-couple decided to go their separate ways before they arrived to film the reunion. Before the taping began, Leviss shared an Instagram Story of herself sitting next to Kennedy. The picture surprisingly gave off happy vibes and fans wonder how true Cohen’s statement is.

Cohen didn’t offer any more details about the split. After hinting that very little detail, he backed out to give further clarifications. That’s enough to keep the fans wondering though.

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