Tony Hawk is one of the most influential athletes, but regardless of his fame some people still don’t recognize him in public. People just look at him and tell him he looks like Tony Hawk.

Hawk, 53, who is also known as Birdman, shared an exchange on Twitter with an employee at a coffee shop he visited Friday morning. The tweet adds to Hawk’s collection of brief conversations with people who mistake his identity in public.

An encounter at the coffee shop is not the only time he got mistaken for looking for someone like Tony Hawk. He has shared several occasions in which people told him, “You look like Tony Hawk!” before realizing that he’s not a doppelganger.

Hawk continued to share the humorous interactions in an attempt to make fun of his often-mistaken identity. Not long before his exchange with the coffee shop employee, Hawk shared a wholesome interaction with someone who recognized him while visiting a skate park. On Oct. 17, he tweeted a dialogue he had with a kid who just wanted to take his picture.

Tony’s big on sharing tweets of his interaction. He probably gets recognized 50 times a day but it feels like he chooses to share the one time every other month that he gets confused as someone who looks like Tony and it’s still great. Here are some of his older tweets.

Although he retired from his 16-year pro skateboarding career in 2003, Hawk is still known as one of the most influential athletes in the sport. Since retiring, he’s appeared in several films and TV shows and occasionally. Hawk is also known for being extra communicative with his fans. He consistently engages with people who approach him in public, even if they don’t recognize him immediately.

We cannot help ourselves but laugh about the situation. Here is what some of his fans had to say.

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