Just when you thought you’d heard it all, LaVar Ball decides to diss the absolute greatest basketball player of all time…the one the only Michael Jordan. Believe it or not, it happened, and the comments made by LaVar Ball are even more shocking than you’d expect once you get into them, which we will here.

Ball is a former football player tuned businessman and of couse, he is the founder of the JBA (Junior basketball Association). He made some statements about his sons, LiAngelo Ball, Lonzo and LaMelo being NBA stars and future NBA stars, and on that front, perhaps no one can contest what he has said on that front. Statistically, they’re all astounding for sure.

All three of his boys are doing extremely well, LaMelo even playing for Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets. They undoubtedly have promising careers. Where things get a tad hairy, are in Ball’s comments about Michael Jordan himself and his legacy in the great sport of basketball. He said of the legend:

“How often does [LaMelo] seek out advice from Michael Jordan? Never! What advice he ‘gon give him? You tell me what advice he ‘gon give him? Do you ever have milk in your refrigerator, man? And when the damn thing expires, I hope you throw it away. God****it, when the last time he won a championship? And the game has changed, what you ‘gon tell him?”


Ball went on to say that if Jordan does have any advice, it should in turn be reserved for the other members of the Hornets team and not his son, who was voted rookie of the year. It was during his second season that LaMelo is “averaging 20.0 points, 8.3 assists, and 7.7 rebounds.”

The aforementioned comments are incredibly astounding and even the interviewers were left scratching their respective heads apparently and according to the aforementioned piece. They apparently tried to point out that Jordon is essentially the GOAT in basketball. LaVar Ball, however seemed unimpressed and stuck to his guns. Of course, there’s been beef between the two before as the video below suggests.

Domenic Marinelli

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