Verzuz battles draw a ton of attention, especially if a fight breaks out on stage. Joe Budden has now accepted a challenge to get on that platform.

In a recent interview, rapper Gillie Da Kid challenged Joe Budden to a Verzuz challenge. Kid said that head to head, he would sweep Budden “under a f***ing rug”.

Joe Budden addressed this challenge on the recent edition of his “The Joe Budden Podcast”. Budden implied that even though there’s real beef between the two of them, he might actually take the rapper up on the Verzuz challenge.

At the end of his podcast, Budden spoke about Gillie’s challenge. He said that he’ll oblige even though neither of them are big enough to go up on Verzuz, but suggested that the two can do it on a mixtape which is in resemblance to Verzuz.

Now, what I will say before this pod ends…Gillie Da Kid, Wallo, Million Dollaz Worth of Game. I’ll oblige. I will. Who knows. Could be right. Gillie, I will do a Verzuz with you, I will. Neither one of us are big enough toe ver make it the Verzuz stage, but I’m cool with that. We could do like a mixtape Verzuz. Leave all the major album joints out. We don’t need ‘Pump It Up’ or ‘Yeah That’s Us’.

Both doing great in podcast land. I’ll do a Verzuz with you if you want. We can do it wherever you feel most comfortable at. I’m down!


Verzuz has not yet stepped into this scenario and there have been no reports about either sides getting an offer from them.

You can watch Budden’s response to Gille here:

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