Big Brother 23 contestant Whitney Williams opened up abut her OnlyFans account on her Instagram. The post garnered plenty of positive comments. Apparently, there are a few other “Big Brother” alums who have OnlyFans accounts as well.

The 30-year-old is a make-up artist and social media influencer also happens to be mother to two boys. She announced the OF account after taking a moment to acknowledge the stigma associated with the content subscription service.

It seems like Whitney has thought it through. She has no qualms about having an account on the platform which is known for its sexually explicit content. “I understand the stigma behind OF (OnlyFans), but truthfully I find it empowering to be able to share this side of me that I keep hidden everywhere else” Whitney remarked.

The platform has empowered Whitney financially “I’m about to upset a lot of people by announcing this, primarily my family, but this is the reason that I’m finally able to stop working 60+ hrs a week and move my boys and I into a REAL home in just a few days”. Whitney Williams was able to make more money than ever before in a short span of time.


Williams requested her followers to spare her from comments about what her two sons will think about her OnlyFans account. “Honestly I think my kids will appreciate the steps I have taken to be stress free for the first time and FINALLY be able to spend quality time with them catching up on their childhood while I still can,” she wrote.

Williams also plugged her OnlyFans account on Twitter. She attached a photo of herself holding a sign with her OnlyFans account name, “Thiccney”. Kaitlyn Herman of “Big Brother 20” and Elena Davies of “Big Brother 19” also have OnlyFan accounts. They have voiced their support for Whitney Williams.

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Shifa Jahan

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