Los Angeles is experiencing a heightened crime spree. The unfolding fear in L.A. has gotten celebs insanely nervous. The anxious atmosphere has now caused a big boom in security hiring.

The death of Jacqueline Avant, a well-known philanthropist and wife of legendary music executive Clarence Avant, in her Beverly Hills home last week has furthered fears about the uptick in brazen home invasion robberies in and around Los Angeles.

The increased hiring of security personnel might sound great for people getting hired. However, this isn’t a good sign in the big picture. TMZ spoke with two different high-profile security companies.

Alfredo Moosa and AJ Moosa of 2 Deep Executive Protection who mostly work for music artists said they’re getting booked left and right these days, especially in L.A. They mentioned that lately, a lot of their clients have ditched jewelry and other bling they normally wear out of fear of getting robbed.


The Moosas said they have too many clients for which they had to hire many new guards. The guards are being hired for shifts longer than ever before (17+ hours).

Kings Protection CEO, Jack told TMZ they too are getting a spike in bookings, and everything else that comes with their services. Kings Protection have been hired by the likes of Quavo, Lil Pump, LeBron James, and more. Kings hired 200 more guards this year due to the high demand.

Kings Protection specialize in home patrols. They usually have armed guards keeping watch at a client’s rented residence, and they’ve even started to roll out K9 units to help, which shows how serious they’re taking the job at this crime-ridden time.

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