Josh Duggar’s defense attorneys have started to present their case to the federal jury in his child porn trial and you will be amazed to see the ridiculous point they are trying to make.

As we reported, the 19 Kids & Counting alum’s legal team have been scrambling following the world-class case prosecutors made in court over the past week. Tech experts walked the jury through how the offending videos were acquired and hidden on Josh’s computer, they detailed how he was the only person who logically could have put them there.

Now defense attorneys are now borrowing a page from the playbook of YouTubers who get canceled for writing insensitive tweets. They’re claiming his computer system got hacked into and thereby all such things could be found.

Mere hours after a Duggar family friend testified under questioning from prosecutors that Josh admitted in 2003 to molesting young girls, the defense called on computer forensics expert Michele Bush. He told jurors that Josh’s internet network at work was so insecure that someone could have hijacked his computer to remotely watch child porn.


Bush explained that the internet at Wholesale Motorcars where Duggar worked was on a low security setting called “universal plug and play.” While this setup allows multiple devices to flawlessly establish internet connections, Bush argued it also left the network “extremely vulnerable” to what she described as a “hit and run” attack.

It is unbelievable that the defense attorneys are making such a vague statement just for the sake of their client. Also, they hackers just happened to choose the computer of someone who it turns out had previously admitted to molesting children as young as four years old? What a wild coincidence, isn’t it?

Anirban Biswas

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