Former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden sued the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodel four weeks ago. Soon, the NFL and Goodell will be responding to Gruden’s complaint.

Jon Gruden stepped down as the coach of the Las Vegas Raiders football team hours after his emails were leaked. Joe made homophobic and misogynistic remarks about a union leader in those emails. His resignation was a striking departure from the football league for an extremely successful coach.

The lawsuit says the NFL pressured the Raiders to terminate Gruden and “intimated that further documents would become public if Gruden was not fired.” According to the suit, Gruden lost sponsorship deals, pulled from appearing in NFL and lost future employment and endorsement prospects.

In most jurisdictions, the initial filing in response to a civil complaint becomes due 30 days after service of process. If it was served on November 11, 12, or 13, the due date for a response will be Monday, December 13. The deadline can be extended by the parties, and sometimes it is. Eventually, the party defending against a civil lawsuit files the initial response.


At some point and in some forum, the league will have to respond to Gruden’s allegations. The NFL undoubtedly will deny all factual allegations regarding the deliberate leaking of Gruden’s emails to former Washington executive. It will assert multiple “affirmative defenses” aimed at defeating or minimizing Gruden’s claims. A potential removal to federal court remains possible.

This controversy is likely to linger for months or possibly years before a final decision is made. Let’s hope the parties involve can come to a mutual settlement soon and justice is served.

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