Stevie J and Faith Evans are going through a messy divorce. Producer Stevie J recently asked a judge to make Faith Evans pay him spousal support as their divorce rages on in court. His wishes might not come true as there has been new development in the case.

According to leaked court documents obtained by Radar, Stevie J wants Faith Evans is to cough up monthly checks and while she’s at it, pay his legal bills too. Obviously, Faith wouldn’t just let that happen without fighting back.

Now, Complex reports that Faith Evans is seeking “all property acquired before marriage, by gifts, inheritance, or ingenuity, and after the date of separation,“. In addition to this, she has requested a judge denies her estranged husband’s request for spousal support

According to a recent report by Complex, Evans claims the couple separated in May, 2020. Stevie J confirmed they had separated on Oct. 19, 2021 due to “irreconcilable differences,”. This was the same time when music exec leaked a video of himself insulting Evans, and accusing her of cheating on him in their shared home. 


Stevie then apologized to Faith for putting her on blast. Fans of the couple thought they might be getting back together after Faith shared a video of her and Stevie doing cartwheels together on the beach in Malibu earlier in November. However, that was far from the real deal behind the scenes.

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