Australian actress Rebel Wilson hits a personal achievement by dropping over 77 pounds. She is definitely proud of her efforts and dedication. Her management team however, does not share the same feeling.

Rebel Wilson reveals that her own team was not happy about her weight loss. The management wanted her to stay the funny fat girl she was.

The Pitch Perfect star told BBC Breakfast that she decided to lose weight to improve her health. She received pushback from her own management who questioned:

“Why would you wanna do that? Because I was earning millions of dollars being the funny fat girl and being that person.”

Rebel explains that she was never uncomfortable with her weight but she was not okay with her eating habits. She always found food as an escape to her emotions. That’s when she realized she needed to make a change for her own good.

“I knew deep down inside that some of the emotional eating behavior’s I was doing was not healthy. Like I did not need a tub of ice cream every night.”

Last November, Rebel revealed she reached her goal weight of 165 lbs. She achieved her milestone by following the Mayr Method diet plan. The plan cuts sugar and encourages slow eating. She even hit the gym regularly, working out 6 times a week.

It doesn’t matter what the management thinks about her as long as she is contended with her choice. Also, it must be noted that it is a healthy habit after all.

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