Dancing With The Stars relies on votes from its viewers to determine the winners. When a TV reality show adopts this decision pattern, it’s inevitable that a faction of fans will remain upset. Yet again, we find fans suggesting another finalist was robbed.

This is not the first time when DWTS fans showed disappointment over the finale result. Previously we have seen fans cry out for JoJo Siwa’s defeat in the finale. In a Reddit thread, some fans discussed about contestants they believe were ultimately robbed of the win.

The parent post to the thread suggested that Milo Manheim was ultimately robbed of his win. Manheim was a participant in Dancing With the Stars Season 27. At the end of that season, Bobby Bones bagged the Mirrorball.

Another person sarcastically wrote that everyone from season 27 was robbed. In a reply to another comment about Manheim, the poster wrote,

“I was watching their dances again and I’m honestly still pretty mad about it.. I know it’s been awhile but can we all sign a petition to recount the votes please?”

Since then, some of the rules have changed. Presently, scores from judges are coupled with votes from the fans. The average inference determines the bottom two throughout the season. This metric decides the overall winner now instead of relying only on votes from the viewers.

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