DaBaby & DaniLeigh’s online beef has triggered all sorts of problems for her. At first, she had a huge fight with DaBaby online, accusing him of having intercourse with other women in his apartment, and had kept her out of the house in order to do so.

Leigh then got into problems with the law after the beef. Even DaniLeigh’s brother called DaBaby out, claiming that he would kick DaBaby’s ass. With her everyday passive aggressive beefs with the rapper, Leigh has another problem on her hands.

DaniLeigh and her mother have always been very close. Leigh has spoken many times throughout her career that her mother has been hustling as her manager. However, their professional relationship seems to be reaching its limit.

Leigh’s mother, Vicky Curiel, took to Instagram in order to let everyone know that she will be stepping down as Leigh’s manager. While she added that she will be focusing on herself, Leigh has already sent out a search for a new manager.


I’ve taken this time to love myself, focus on myself, and reflecting on the fact that I’ve been living for others and not myself. Today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life, I come first. You have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else. I didn’t know that. I thank God for this opportunity & I look forward to my new life.

Leigh and her mother’s split seems to be related to the feuding that Baby & Leigh went through recently. Despite being formerly cancelled, DaBaby seems to have bounced back and he’s doing pretty okay so far.

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