Aaron Carter recently let fans know that he is stuck in his bedroom with his newborn son. He claims to be “trapped” at his own home after his ugly breakup with Melanie Martin.

The messy breakup between Aaron and Melanie seems to drag along with new stories surfacing. Friday morning, via Instagram Stories Aaron, 33, alleged that his ex is not willing to leave the house. Aaron was disturbed by the fact that despite his stunt to kick Melanie out of his life, Melanie is unwilling to leave his house itself.

“I’m literally trapped inside my own bedroom because my ex will not leave my house.”

The singer, 33, shared this incident from his home in Lancaster, California. Carter shared the unsettling message just one week after Martin gave birth to their son, Prince. The news comes just days after news broke of their breakup.


Carter shared a picture with his baby hours before claiming he was “trapped” at his home. The I Want Candy singer was wearing a hoodie and Prince, a little grey sweater as seen on the Instagram post on Thursday. He was holding the baby and captioned the picture: “Daddy’s boy.”

“Taking care of my son and talking to @real__kodilove_ she’s an amazing fan and like family to me.”

Carter also held and kissed his little boy during an Instagram Live with a fan. We would just hope that the baby boy receives proper upbringing and peace in his life. Martin has yet to comment on this incident and fans are waiting for further clarity on the situation.

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