T-Pain has faced all the punches of criticism since his rise to fame. The American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer has provided hits such as “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)”, “Blame It” and “Up Down (Do This All Day)” in the mid 2000s. After getting ridiculed over his use of Auto-Tune approach all these years, Teddy Pain decided to silence his critics once and for all.

T-Pain has worked with iconic artists like B.o.B, Jamie Foxx, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne in the most. However, almost all his works had a heavy influence of auto-tuning. On Thursday Dec. 2, the Tallahassee, Florida artist reminded fans how authentic his art is by sharing a video of him recording “an entire smash from scratch”.

Teddy shared his documented craft on Twitter. The almost six-minute clip explores T-Pain cooking up a beat on his computer and then laying down vocals using his signature vocal-distorting software.

T-pain continues is his bold caption claiming that there aren’t many major artists who has got the guts to present their recorded work with complete transparency. He boasts about making an entire set from scratch in the studio and not many artist has got this level of caliber.

“This ain’t a flex I’m just showing you the different between your favorite ‘artist’ and a real one. I know where I stand in this game and that’s why no matter what ppl say I can finally keep my head up and laugh, because I now realize that the shit that ppl used to do to me to hurt my feelings was only because they felt threatened and they needed me to not believe in myself… But it done backfired and you fucked around and woke the boy up.”

The video showcases an intricate look at the rappa ternt sanga’s creative process as he mumbles placeholder melodies, records numerous vocal takes and tweaks his lyrics as the song takes shape. If anyone wants to taste more of T-Pain’s artistic pedigree, they can watch his Auto-Tune-less NPR Tiny Desk Concert from 2014.

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