Daymond John is one of the biggest businessmen in the U.S. As he’s a pioneer in the fashion industry, his sense of what’s a great move for a brand has to be impeccable.

John recently commented on the move by Playboy to join forces with rapper and fashion icon Cardi B. He considers that Playboy could really use the large number of followers B brings to further the brand and increase the number of consumers for their product.

The “Shark Tank” star was present at a TMZ Live session, where he reacted to Cardi B joined Playboy as their creative director. While many other brands such as Burger King or Polariod have brought creative directors before, the move is new for Playboy.

Daymond said that Playboy is on the right track as they slowly ditch their print based model for releasing magazines and take to the digital medium. Cardi B is very hands-on on Twitter, so most of her fans are already heavily involved in the digital medium.

The market guru is still considering whether Playboy is a worthy investment for his money or not. However, Cardi B coming on board to the project more than reassures him that Playboy is on its way to start an upward trajectory.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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