Chrisean Rock has been Blueface’s artist for some time now. After recent incidents however, it is clear that they are no longer working with each other. Blueface reportedly arranged a place for Chrisean to stay but that didn’t go well.

Despite the arrangements made by Blueface, Chrisean would repeatedly invade Blueface’s home and hamper his work ethic. He wanted his home to be essentially reserved for business matters. He made it clear this he was filming at the house but she would continue to come to his place.

She would repeatedly want to “jump in the pool” but he always asked her to leave. One time Chrisean retuned to her place and broke windows. The police had to be called.

“She was gettin’ a little too outta hand for me,. The work ethic wasn’t there enough for me to cope with her crazy life decisions and what she think.” 

Blueface stayed silent through the drama this week, but now he decided to step forward with his version of events. He broke off their business relationship which made her upset on many levels.

Earlier this week, a video footage circulated online showing Blueface and Wack 100 attempting to kick her out of the rapper’s home. Since then, Chrisean has continuously resurfaced with posts about the incident. That didn’t stop Blueface from posting his side of the story on Instagram.

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