Shawn Mendes is clearly feeling the loss after splitting with Camila Cabello — of his furry friend, Tarzan! The “Stitches” singer isn’t in stitches about his fizzled out romance — but rather about the loss of his beloved dog Tarzan in the process!

“Shawn is trying to move on with his life and he is getting ready to drop a single and go on tour,” a source close to Shawn told Hollywood Life. “Although he is in a good place in his head over the breakup with Camila, there is one aspect of it that he is not okay with, which is being separated from his dog Tarzan!”

On November 2020 they took the fluffy friend in and since then they have made amazing memories with him. In a video posted by Shawn to Instagram at the time, his “Senorita” singer ex was seen cuddling their new bundle of joy and they both looked beyond happy at the time.

To make matters worse, it seems that Camila has been taunting Shawn by posting pictures of Tarzan frequently. This might have made him feel worse.

According to the source, Shawn’s main concern now is reuniting with Tarzan. “Shawn just wants to see his dog and he would like to work out some sort of arrangement with Camila where they get to split custody of Tarzan. Shawn really feels that this would be best for the dog.”

The absence of someone so significant in your life can make it hard for anyone to live. Pets are often associated with being support animals in tough times and given the matter of fact both the parties must meet in the middle and share him.

Anirban Biswas

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