Chris Brown is Daddy to two children. A two year old son Aeko and daughter Royalty Brown, 7 he shares Royalty with ex Nia Guzman. Aeko, meanwhile, lives in Germany with ex Ammika Harris, which makes it hard for Chris to see his son.

Finally, Chris Brown and son Aeko are spending quality time together in London. According to HollywoodLife, a source reported “Even though [Chris and Ammika] are not together as a couple, they have learned to co-parent very well while Ammika lives in Germany with Aeko.”

Co-parenting can be tough but it gets even more challenging when the mother lives in another continent all together. Reportedly Ammika and Chris are in a “really good place” when it comes to doing the best for their son.

Ammika and Aeko traveled to London from Germany to see Chris so he could spend time with his son. Chris performed in London this week while opening for Wiz Khalifa. Dad thought it was the perfect opportunity to reunite with 2 year old Aeko.

The “Forever” singer frequently travels to Europe to spend time with his only son. Last month the duo met up in Greece. A source mentioned to Hollywood Life that it was very important to Chris to spend bonding time with his son since he just turned 2 last month and now the holiday season is upon us.

Chris is having the time of his life in London with Aeko. He can’t believe how much he looks like him. [He] feels so lucky to have an amazing baby boy like him” the insider stated.

Diamond Brown was also seen showcasing her baby bump on Instagram. She hasn’t revealed who her baby’s father is yet, it’s widely speculated that it is indeed Chris Brown’s.

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