Kanye West‘s infamous appearance on Drink Champs is the gift that keeps on giving for rap fans. One of the things Ye pointed out on the show was the origin of the “Yeezy” name. Kanye said Beanie Sigel came up with it.

Later on, Beanie said Kanye promised him $50 million for the creative input. Sigel also said Ye would kick in 5% stock in Yeezy, a brand that does billions in sales. Now, Beanie is implying that Kanye might have finally paid up, according to HipHopDX.

On Monday, Beanie and Freeway were pictured with huge stacks of hundred-dollar bills. The stacks were the length of their arms. A few days earlier, Sigel said he’s available for nickname consultations. His fee is $100,000. He recently told TMZ that he didn’t care about the money.

“I did name him that but as far as his business mind and where he took it, Kanye worked hard for this. Kanye don’t owe me nothing. I don’t know if I would take a number. Because you give somebody a fish today, he gon’ eat for the day. If you teach somebody how to fish, he’s gon’ eat forever. He’s gon’ teach his family how to fish.


I’m not even thinking about a number, but I would love to do some business where I can earn some money ’cause I’m an earner. I never was the type to take just for a handout. My mind is sorta like Kanye’s mind … I think outside the box. I’ve got a lot of business ventures that I think if me and Kanye were to sit down and I had that opportunity to present it to him, it’s some money on the table that I can earn.”

Whether it came from Kanye West or not, Beanie Sigel had a ton of cash on hand. Perhaps Kanye paid him as a part of his efforts to make amends. He recently squashed his very public beefs with Drake and Soulja Boy.

Do you think Beanie Sigel’s money came from Kanye West? Let us know in the comments!

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