Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera are happily engaged to be married. They also share a home and one hallway is decked out with some pretty epic artwork.

As we all know, Cabrera and Bliss got engaged in November 2020. The sweet proposal was captured on camera and later shared by the pair on Instagram. The couple met after a rumor started surrounding them being an item. The rumor led to the pair becoming friends and eventually dating.

“We met because there was a rumor that we were dating and we didn’t know each other yet, so whoever was running his social media at the time was liking a bunch of my tweets, and WWE fans are very passionate and very passionate about what goes on in our character’s lives as well as our personal lives, so there were a few people that made these Instagram accounts saying that we were dating and tagged all of our friends,” she recalled.

Currently, Bliss shared a clip of their house on her Instagram. She was showing off her fiance’s paintings. She captioned the clip as “My fiance is so creative.” She also mentioned that “one of my absolute favourite things about our house is Ryan’s paintings.”


Some people reacted positively to her post and they seemed to agree with her. “They look amazing” a follower commented on her clip. “Wow, what an amazing house and very nice Mickey paintings” commented another follower. While some had negative comments too, “I’d be pissed if someone shit glitter all over my house personally.” commented one of them. “Fiancé? So creative why doesn’t he write his own music instead of using a 10-15 year old Pear Jam song?” commented another.

Alexa and Ryan may get married by the end of this year. Alexa revealed earlier that she is not a wedding person, and Ryan is taking care of the wedding. She even shared that Ryan helped her with the wedding dress. Ryan has big plans for the special day.

Shivangini Rawat

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