Rico Nasty is having a really hard time touring with Playboi Carti. It seems that his fans have forced her to contemplate ending her life. It’s such an alarming situation when fans push an artist to such extents.

She tweeted some thoughts of her for everyone to see. It seems that all she wants to do is stay on the tour bus and cry. This was a concerning thing for fans to read, to say the least.

“Crazy how I wanted a tour bus my whole life and now I just be on the tour bus crying myself to sleep every night.”

She also said that she at least needs two hours out of a day to cry. Further tweets were even more upsetting s she wrote, “Y’all win,” While the last tweet she made was really on the edge and was worrying for everyone. It said “I wish I was dead just as much as y’all do trust me.”


She has since deleted these tweets. The fans captured them and were clearly disturbed and worried about her mental health. They fear that she might be in a very vulnerable place and her mental health has worn out.

Folks who’ve been following Rico’s journey of late know she’s been dealing with a lot of aggressive shenanigans from people. Referring to at least two separate incidents over the past month while she’s been on the road with Carti, acting as his opener. Both of those situations were pretty ugly.

In one such incident she was being booed at and in another a water bottle was thrown at her while she was rapping. She was cursing at the concertgoers, trying to perform, but they just weren’t receptive to her at all. Rico jumped down from the stage and tried going over the barricades, before security stepped in.

People say she’s been dealing with this type of harassment during the entirety of the tour. We can only imagine what she’s been dealing with online and elsewhere. Unclear what he might or might not be doing behind the scenes, Carti should do something substantial to immediately stop these.

Anirban Biswas

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