Enes Canter, a center for the Celtics, has decided to change his name. It’s not the first time that somebody in the public eye will be changing his or her name. From what we can learn from Chad Ochocinco Johnson, it’s rather common in sports too.

As has been reported by Sports Illustrated, he will be changing his name to Enes Kanter Freedom. The name is one that speaks volumes in terms of his history, it would seem. Also…he is gearing up to become an official American citizen on Monday.

He seems to be rather moved by the whole thing and really, it’s refreshing and something nice to see for many – pride from someone who is grateful to become a citizen, especially considering where he comes from and what his past was like.

“FREEDOM is never given, it is won,” he posted on Instagram.

He was born in Switzerland but grew up in Turkey, where his parents hailed from. He was once charged for allegedly belonging to a terrorist group, but he has always denied ever having been part of such a group. Regardless, his Turkish passport was revoked.

He is also very outspoken – specifically regarding the issues in China. He has had words and messages of protest on his shoes in recent history, specifically the phrases: “Taiwan Belongs to The Taiwanese People,” “Modern Day Slavery,” “No More Excuses,” and “No Rights No Games.”

Domenic Marinelli

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