Brock Lesnar perhaps needs no introduction to most out there, as his accolades speak for themselves, and that’s in the octagon and in the professional wrestling ring. He has made quite the name for himself, but it would seem as though Chael Sonnen is not at all impressed with Lesnar’s accomplishments on the mat or perhaps even in the squared circle.

Chael Sonnen has always been rather opinionated. Sometimes, that opinion got him into a little bit of hot water, yet that has never stopped him from voicing his concerns. He has recently decided to point that critical eye of his to Brock Lesnar, deciding to attack his talent as a wrestler, it would seem.

Sonnen, at 44, now serves as a an analyst for a sport he did rather well in. As a mixed martial artist, he has never won a UFC Championship, although he is highly regarded as a top contender in the sport regardless.

Sonnen specifically attacked Brock’s win way back in his days as an amateur wrestler and his NCAA win for the NCAA Division I heavyweight division. He belittled that particular accomplishment because of a 45 lbs. weight advantage Lesnar had on his opponent at the time. It was on his Beyond the Fight YouTube show that he compared the situation to the similar weight difference between Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic.

“Nobody else talks about it. I bring it up to try to prove a point. When you have Francis Ngannou who’s 260 pounds of steel and you put him in with Stipe Miocic who’s 230 pounds, there’s 30 pounds the right way disadvantage to Stipe. Brock Lesnar does not enjoy my company. I’ve been around Brock and he’s been a gentleman. But I can tell he’d rather be anywhere else but me. But one point that I make about Brock, it’s not meant to slide him.

Brock was not a very good wrestler. That’s true. Brock never had Olympic aspirations… Brock was 265 pounds of steel. In the NCAA finals, he took on someone who weighed 220 pounds. There is a 45-pound weight discrepancy. It’s a fair point by me and it irritates Brock. But I’m right. I am right when I say it about Francis.”

The shot that Sonnen took to Lesnar seems to be a legitimate one for him. Sonnen is not the type to say things for effect, but many would argue that this would be the perfect setup for a pro wrestling feud fit for the ages.

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Domenic Marinelli

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