As we move on from thanksgiving towards the Christmas season, there is a continued cheerfulness from people meeting family, and friends. Have a few laughs, a few drinks and the joy of a shared meal with loved ones. Time to unwind and meet people after a long time.

Floyd Mayweather is one such delighted grandfather who enjoys meeting with his grandson and playing with him. Kentrell Jr. the son Yaya Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather’s daughter had with rapper NBA Youngboy

This is the first thanksgiving Kentrell Jr. is celebrating with his legendary boxer grandfather, who shared his sport with his son, by showing him a few moves. Wearing comically oversized gloves to amuse his grandson and being happy as he could be. As heartwarming and as wholesome as a moment could be.

Floyd said his grandson, who’s merely 10 months in age, is already started talking a little bit. The trick is to start early.

On the other hand, NBA YoungBoy just got released to house arrest in Utah. The rapper has since launched the Never Broke again compilation and released his most recent track “safe than sorry (interlude).”

Frederick Hatch

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