Former UFC mixed martial artist Mike Perry recently signed a multi-fight deal with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). The promotion announced the deal on Tuesday.

Manager Malki Kawa of First Round Management announced Perry’s UFC contract expired after facing defeat Daniel Rodriguez in April. During his recent interview with Helen Yee, Perry revealed the truth behind quitting UFC.

“Yeah, this is what the business is about. We are prizefighters. We fight people for money to feed our families and when the big offers come in because I didn’t get cut. I fought my contract out; you know what? I dropped the news, low-key, I was dumb.”

Perry, 30, lost two in a row and seven of his last 10 fights in the UFC. He left the organization with 7 wins to 8 losses in the welterweight division. The record includes four KO/TKO victories.

The 30-year-old welterweight will join the likes of former UFC title contender Chad Mendes and Paige VanZant in BKFC. The Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) medical advisory committee took aim at bare-knuckle fighting earlier this month, cautioning commissions about matchmaking. They urged further medical requirements following the death of BKFC fighter Justin Thornton after he was knocked out in an August BKFC match.

Perry is notorious for action-packed UFC fights and several issues outside the cage. He was publicly accused for domestic violence by his ex-wife Danielle Nickerson. Last year in Texas, Perry knocked down an older man with a punch at a bar.

This will be a restart for Mike’s career. He will hopefully seek out better results. No one knows how he will fight in gloves in a new setting. But one thing is for sure, he will put on his action-packed performances.

Gunjan Nath

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