LeBron James performed brilliantly with a 39-point clutch against the Indiana Pacers. It was the Los Angeles Lakers star’s first game after suspension. In his follow-up game however, James was not even average with his outing.

The Lakers lost to Sacramento Kings in their last game. LeBron’s off form was a major reason in the loss. The power forward himself accepted how unsatisfactory his performance was.

LeBron’s numbers looked great overall as he led the Lakers with 30 points to go along. He completed 11 assists and seven rebounds overall. Out of all the shots though, he shot just 2-of-13 from 3-point range.

The figures largely contributed to his 40% shooting night overall and coupled that with 7 turnovers in the Lakers’ 141-137 loss to the Kings in triple-overtime. A player of LeBron’s level will always hold himself to a higher standard than anyone else possibly could. This was made clear after the game while speaking to the media after the game via Lakers Nation.


“We’re all disgusted at losses. That’s the way it is. Also, at the same time, we have to stay even-keeled throughout the whole process and understand that we can get better from our losses and we can get better from our wins. We obviously would not like to be one game under .500 a fourth into the season, but we know we have more room to improve, we have a lot more room to improve. We haven’t been full to start the season.

Obviously, I haven’t played many games. I’ve been in and out of the lineup. We still have two of our guys that haven’t played at all yet in TA [Trevor Ariza] and K-Nunn [Kendrick Nunn]. Make no mistake we still have to play Laker basketball, we still have to defend at a high level, we have to share the ball offensively and not turn the ball over. Obviously tonight, horrible turnovers on my part. I feel like I played a horrible game individually and I hold myself to a higher standard than that. I have to better for this team, especially when we’re going through what we’re going through right now out on the floor.”

At the end of the first overtime, LeBron had a chance to win the game for the Lakers but missed deep 3-pointers in both instances. The team held a 13-point fourth-quarter lead, but James and co. failed to put the game away. It was another instance of a winning game being choked by the Lakers.

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