There is much to be thankful for this thanksgiving for the Myers family this year as they welcomed their baby daughter only 2 months ago. On the thanksgiving telecast of the ‘Late Night with Seth Myers,’ the TV host broke the news to the world.

The Late night host and the ex SNL star, with his wife Alexi whose an attorney, went for the name Adelaide for their adorable daughter, in September. Adelaide is the third child the couple have had together.

The happy news was announced in the thanksgiving segment of the Late Night with Seth Myers where their two sons Ashe whos 5 and Axel whos 3. Both the boys wore turkeys as they sat with their baby sister, who was also dressed as a turkey and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Seth and Ashe’s three children Ashe, Adelaide and Axel in the thanksgiving segment.

Seth Myer’s parents Hillary and Larry Myers were also on the show as guests and talked about their grandchild. They went for the nickname Addie for Adelaide, the same names Seth’s grandmother.

Seth Myer’s with his parents on the late night with Seth Myers show.

Seth’s father joked that he would have liked to have named their kid Albert, after his dog. He remarked he had had, 6 dogs named Albert. He joked Larry said, “I thought it would have been like Pinocchio, you know, and all of a sudden the dog turns into a kid. [But] they went and screwed it up, having a girl.”

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Frederick Hatch

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