In October, Adele revealed that, one of the only people who had heard her unreleased album 30 was Drake. It turns out the two are quite close, with Adele going as far as to say that Drake’s friendship.

Drake has a lot of friends in the industry even if he claims “No Friends In The Industry” off Certified Lover Boy. One of his most surprising friendships is the one he has with English R&B and pop singer Adele.

Adele shared the fact that they both got famous before the age of streaming. She said that having someone who’s in the same position in their career is a gift. “We are a dying breed. There were like ten of us. You know, I don’t think there will ever be that many of us again, at the top doing it the way we were doing it. We came out before streaming. We came out before all the social media frenzies of, like, you know, ‘You’ve got five seconds to entertain; otherwise, get the f*ck out.’ We existed in the old school.”

Adele said that her friendship with Drake is important because it’s one of the best things her career has ever given her. She said “I can say something to him, and he won’t judge me for it, you know? So to have access to someone that’s in the same position as [me] is, as one of the biggest gifts of my entire career.”


After she played her new album 30 for Drake, he said it’s exactly what the streets are looking for in a project. She also said she’s not going around asking people’s thoughts on her music, so his opinion was important. “I played it to Drake last year when he was in town,” she said in an interview with Capital Breakfast. “And I was like, ‘Is this what people want, or not want?’ And he said, ‘Absolutely,’ but that’s it really.’

“Drake’s obviously incredible and amazing as well as being my mate, but I don’t send it around to various people being like, ‘Can I get your thoughts on this?” said Adele. She is also catching wins over her best bud Drake. Her new album 30 grabbed the biggest week of 2021 for any album in the U.S. from Drake and his project Certified Lover Boy.

According to Mrc Data, 30 has earned more than 660,000 album-equivalent units in the U.S. from its opening weekend, with over 560,000 of that sum in traditional album sales. Adele shared that her relationship with fame is complicated. “My hobby became my job. I was unable to differentiate the two. So why do I want to go and do my hobby when my hobby is my job? Fame scares me. And, you know, fame comes with my job.”

It must be nice having Drizzy on speed dial. Adele is certainly appreciative to have him around.

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