Thanksgiving is on, and many artists and celebrities celebrated it with their loved ones. Ari Fletcher and MoneyBagg Yo revealed that it was their “sex-iversary,” while Big Sean is taking to enjoying a game of Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears facing off each other.

50 Cent is always on Instagram with his eye out of anyone to troll, and Thanksgiving is no different an event. Instead of finding out people to troll out there, he found the target within his house.

Fif joked about how the very dish that marks the presence of Thanksgiving in his house was messed up. He blamed the destruction of the turkey on his girlfriend Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines.

50 Cent shared the picture of the black, clearly overcooked turkey on Instagram. He said that while she should’ve let the chef cook, she didn’t listen to him and now they had a destroyed turkey.

i told her ass let the chef cook. she said ‘no i want to do it for us. just let me try,’ now i’m a have a damn Turkey and cheese sandwich and lay down. @_cuban_link

50 Cent recently gave a hilarious reaction to Madonna’s embarrassing photo online. Eminem recently said that he agreed to star in BMF when he came to know that 50 Cent was leading the direction of the STARZ series.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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