On Tuesday, LeBron James served his one-game suspension by NBA for his altercation with Detroit Pistons big man Isaiah Stewart on Sunday. Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis find the ordeal quite surprising. According to him, James accidentally hit Stewart in the face.

AD told the reporters that he didn’t think anyone would think it was worth a suspension. He stated, “I was surprised. I mean, I didn’t think he would get suspended. I don’t think anyone thought he was going to be suspended, to be honest… It was strange. But there’s nothing we can do about it.” 

After a couple of foul shots from Jerami Grant, James and Stewart were fighting for a rebound. A brawl broke out between them after James hit Stewart in the face during the third quarter of Sunday’s Lakers-Pistons game. Stewart fell to the floor, got up and confronted James immediately.

After being hit, his face was bloody and it definitely wrecked havoc on the game. Teammates tried to separate the two. Stewart charged back towards James and the Lakers multiple times before being forced to the locker room.


James ended up getting sent off for the foul, while Stewart was sent off for trying to fight the four-time NBA champion. It was just the second suspension of James’ career. After Sunday’s game, James reportedly apologized to Stewart for hitting him in the face and to let him know it was an accident. To this point, it’s unclear if James has been able to clear the misunderstanding with Stewart.

Without James, the Los Angeles Lakers overcame a big dilemma against the Pistons and thanks to a dominant fourth quarter, they won. On Tuesday, at Madison Square Garden, L.A. once again fell behind by a huge margin, only to make it a competitive game in the second half. They took an L in Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, putting their record at 9-10 on the season.

James is eligible to return to the Lakers’ lineup for Wednesday’s game against the Indiana Pacers. What’s your take on this article? Sound off in the comments!

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