Dancing With The Stars season 28 was deemed extremely successful for Hannah Brown and her professional dancing partner Alan Bersten. The duo danced with incredible perfection, which seemed effortless to many at the time. However, Brown says that it came at a cost.

Hannah Brown revealed in her new book God Bless This Mess that she remained very “emotionally unwell” throughout the season. While on stage, her co-ordination with her partner was at the brink of perfection. However, it also took a lot of pressure for both of them to achieve that co-ordination.

Brown said that she “cried pretty much every single night” in the course of her participation in the show. She also declared that she and her partner had the “the most volatile relationship of the season, by far.” The revelation is shocking to many fans. She said:

Alan hadn’t won the Mirror Ball on his side, too, so we both were just really competitive and put everything into it. But with that, it caused a lot of friction, because… he is a professional dancer, I’m not a professional dancer


The celebrity was part of the HollywoodLife Podcast, where she gave more intimate details about her relationship with Bersten. She said that the difference between her non-performative background vs her partner’s professional dancing background caused a lot of miscommunication between each other.

He wanted to push me as hard as I could be pushed physically, but emotionally, sometimes I couldn’t take it. We have very different communication styles, and so that that really caused a lot of friction, when you can’t really get on the same level of being able to communicate and he has so many other emotions involved, because this is his life. This is his career.

Brown still expressed that while their hardships were constant, they still pulled through. The duo were the season winners, and she added that she still feels grateful for her partnership with him.

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