Everybody witnessed a massive fallout over the altercation featuring LeBron James After a fight between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart, LeBron was suspended for one game while Stewart ended up getting two games for his actions. The scene still remains surprising as everyone was involved.

LeBron elbowed Isaiah Stewart during the third-quarter play in Lakers vs Pistons. It immediately became the highlight of the entire game as the 4xNBA Finals MVP was ejected after the incident for all the right reasons. However, Stewart threw a match and team officials on the ground to get his hands on the 36-years-old culprit whilst players like Anthony Davis were keen on getting their own hands upon the ‘bloody’ victim for which porn star Kendra Lust takes a dig at him. 

Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook were there to defend LeBron. They were reportedly down to fight if it was required. You can even see them taking their battle stances in the clips attached, just below this article.

Anthony Davis is known to be one of the closest friends of LeBron James, as a result of which he desperately wanted to stop Stewart himself. In his desperation, Anthony charged towards LeBron but was stopped by the Lakers’ crew. Then porn legend Kendra Lust decided to roast Davis.

Kendra Lust seems to be a Pistons fan, and after the fight, she went to Twitter and declared war on Anthony Davis, effectively calling him soft in a more polite way. In a now-deleted tweet she said:

“If Anthony Davis wanted that smoke, he said he was not having it ..you would have met Beef Stew on his way coming .. tripping over your own feet in all this and falling down my guess AD never been in a fight in his life just my thoughts,”

She then went on to delete this tweet after a large ratio of people began to quote tweet her into oblivion.

Kendra Lust got to experience the quick response from the Lakers fans after her tweet. Once you delete a tweet from Twitter it means you are admitting your defeat until the end of time. She needs to stand on her words the next time she makes a statement.

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