Many of us shared most of our childhood with that particular teacher who made us believe in ourselves even in our hard times. Celebrities too have their fair share of inspiring teacher stories and Adele is no exception. As a Part of her promotions for her album ’30’, the concert special ‘An Audience With Adele’ amid a star studded crowd was streaming over the weekend in the UK.

Emma Thompson asked Adele if she had someone when she was younger who “inspired” and “supported” her. Adele didn’t hesitate with her response. “Yeah, I had a teacher at Chestnut Grove who taught me English. That was Miss McDonald,” Adele revealed to the audience.

Emma asked Adele if they still stay in touch. Adele replied saying that Miss McDonald left when she was 8 years old, and she hasn’t seen her since. She said that her former teacher “got her obsessed” with literature.

Adele continued to say, “She was so bloody cool and So engaging. She made us care and we knew that she cared about us and stuff like that” Emma soon reveals that Miss McDonald is actually in the audience right now. Miss McDonald gets up from her seat and walks to the stage to see her former student.

Adele’s tears weren’t stopping after their reunion. “Thank you for remembering me,” Miss McDonald says to Adele. The Grammy winner responds that her teacher “really changed her life.” Adele wanted to stay in touch and didn’t wish this to be the last time she sees Miss McDonald. She asked her teacher for her number.

Adele had to get her makeup retouched before her next performance as she cried so much during this epic reunion. The concert special featured the singer singing old hits and new songs from her latest album 30. In addition to Emma, stars like Idris Elba and Emma Watson were in attendance.

Shivangini Rawat

Shivangini is a law student with a passion for writing and music. She writes for Thirstyfornews and enjoys cooking, baking, and playing various instruments. In her free time, she watches movies, TV shows, and anime, with a love for bands like Alcest and Scorpions.

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