Teen Mom OG fans commented that Amber Portwood’s ex Andrew Glennon looked different in a new video posted on his Instagram on November 9, 2021.

Glennon sold Q VITALIZE Men for Q Sciences, a dietary supplement that promises to “stimulate general health,” and to “awaken overall health.” Glennon stated that “If housewives can make more than $15,000 a month by promoting health and wellness for others in their spare time, from the comfort of their own home, so can you,”

“I’ve only just started the journey, but the success I see around me is incredible and truly inspiring.” Attend a Zoom meeting and see the faces of success. You are some of the happiest and friendliest people in the world. You are not alone.” he further added. In the video he posted of himself, Glennon explains that he has not yet seen the benefits of the supplement, but he is looking forward to it.

The father of one said in the clip that “Men: If you’re not aware, your testosterone is under attack. You don’t believe me go to the grocery store try to find mayonnaise without soy, It didn’t use to be that way but it is that way now, unfortunately.”

A Reddit user created an original post on Glennon’s video and received hundreds of upvotes and nearly 500 comments. “Has anyone checked out Andrew’s Instagram lately? He looks just as crazy as Amber, “they wrote as the caption. Some commentators at the reading said they were disgusted with the former TMOG. They wrote things like “I find it creepy” and “I find him repulsive.”

Others were concerned about Glennon’s health. “Damn it, he’s put on a lot. He’s better taking care of himself, he’s all the little boy has. they said. Some people were most concerned about James, the three-year-old son he shares with Portwood. “I don’t care what he looks like, but there’s no way someone in their mind would choose Amber after seeing her sleep literally in a crib high when he acted like an idiot in” Marriage Boot Camp “behaves”, they called. “He’s not doing well, he’s never been well, may Judge Judy have mercy on the soul of this poor boy.”

During the 2021 season of Teen Mom OG, Portwood had a poor relationship with her 13-year-old daughter Leah, the child she shares with her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley. But it hasn’t affected her bond with James. During an Instagram Livestream on November 12, 2021, Portwood groaned as she read a question from a fan that said, “Do you see your son often?” The native Indian confirmed to her followers that she still sees James. “I feel like this question is asked every time I’m here and I keep saying the same thing, yes I do. Always, ”she replied, according to The Sun. “I’ll see him tomorrow.”

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